IntelliMedical is a world-leader in small, steerable, minimally invasive devices. Our unique background in medical technology and micro-technology enabled us to develop the IntelliWire, the first 1F (0.014”) robotically steerable guidewire. Our vision for this device is to empower interventionists to deliver better treatment to more heart disease sufferers.


The IntelliWire system comprises a number of proprietary components, some reusable and some single-use. The reusable components include an intuitive user interface (handheld wireless controller), a base station (major control electronics) and a drive module (which couples to the wire and controls its steering).

The single-use components include a proprietary guidewire, a cartridge and sterile sleeves. The guidewire comes pre-coupled to the cartridge, which snaps directly onto the drive module to facilitate rapid deployment. Once the wire has been navigated to the lesion, it can be decoupled from the cartridge to facilitate over-the-wire passage of other devices (e.g. balloons, stents or IVUS catheters). The guidewire can later be recoupled to the cartridge if further steering is required.


The proprietary guidewire enables interventionists to steer the distal section of the wire inside the patient with very high precision, in real-time. The distal section can be manipulated in any direction, by any amount, any number of times. Both small and large displacements are possible, and in all cases are highly controlled and precise.

The steerable section is controlled via a user interface. Unlike standard wires, the distal tip is not shaped prior to insertion. Instead, it flexes in situ based on user input from the interventionist. The interventionist then advances and retracts the wire (moves it into and out of the patient) by hand, as per current practices. This provides enhanced navigation without any loss of haptic feedback, which is critical to procedural safety and efficacy.

As with standard wires, the guidewire is single-use only, and at one-third of a millimetre in diameter is a full order of magnitude smaller than the next steerable devices.

Key features

  • 1F (0.014”) diameter
  • Standard 190cm length
  • 3cm radiopaque tip
  • Durable
  • Deployment time: ~1 minute
  • Compatible with existing 0.014” based devices (stents, balloons, catheters etc.)
  • Cost competitive